• Understanding the value of your historical wood is the first step towards for increase your home value.
  • Our wood has endured years of weather and wear.  It has seen generations come and go, times change.
  • To use recycled wood is becoming an even more popular design trend, which is very appreciated.
  • Recycled wood is different from other materials in the sense that old age does not bring about a fragile state of being. In fact strength and stability are defining characteristics of quality recycled wood. Recycled wood has already stood the test of time and proven itself as durable.
  • When we are looking to sell their homes, many homeowners think about doing some improvements to make the most out of the sale. An investment in wood furniture, wall coverings, floors, doors and unique interior details is an investment in the resale value of your home. This is one of the reasons why home buyers are seeking for this kind of homes and are willing to pay more for them as well.
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