The magical powers of nature!

In subtle colours radiates the pure beauty of nature and create magical atmosphere.

The authentic natural colours

  • The natural colour play and wood texture offer a subtle, elegant and lavish experience. From earthy wood shades and forest tones to historical greys colours lend the special authenticity and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
  • Wood wall coverings “The magic of nature” authentic natural surfaces match perfectly. A lively texture gives them a distinctive feel with depth and structure.
  • “The magic of nature” collection is our most intense natural experience in everyday life and will be for many years to come. We had never been so close to nature..

For individual and contemporary interior design

  • You can create a sense of authenticity and uniqueness that puts the spotlight on the full beauty of every room.
  • The rich, warm look of wood can instantly transform any space and combining in all interior styles, giving it interest and dimensions as well as a style.
  • In the development of the  collection, the aim was to achieve a highly authentic level of naturalness combined with the usual diversity.


  • Wood wall coverings are natural and ecological product – made from historical recycled wood and various tree species, different length, width and thickness of details.
  • Wood wall coverings are great for concealing flaws. Various flaws and unattractive features like lose cables and wires can be wonderfully concealed with proper planning and usage of wood paneling.
  • Insulation wood used for wall paneling acts as a great source of thermal and audio insulation.
  • Easy to Install!  Product specs are clear, reliable and designed for quick onsite installation. 
  • Maintenance: the wall decoration does not require high maintenance – it is enough to clean the dust, no other cleaning is required. Use a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate nozzle to dust the wall.

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