A Grab Adhesive with very good adhesion to most materials. Fibre-reinforced, flexible and weather resistance to give durable joints. Not dangerous or flammable. Can be painted with most paints.


For mounting and bonding of gypsum- and particle boards, insulating materials, borders, interior details, mirrors etc. Can also be used as sealing compound at sills, floor borders, electric doses, plate constructions and similar.


The surfaces must be dry, clean and free from grease. Prepare the application by cutting of the cartridge tip to a suitable size. Apply on one side using a hand- or air-pressure gun. Press the surfaces together within 15 minutes and fix. When sealing apply and smooth the joint with a joint peg or any other suitable tool dipped in water.


The contents of the product is according to valid legislation not classified as unhealthy or dangerous to the environment. For further information, please see material safety data sheet.


Properties before application

Type Silane terminated polyol
Consistency Thixotropic, flexible compound
Curing system Cures with moisture in air
Cures with moisture in air Density 1.5 g/cm3
Working temperature +5°C to +35°C
Package 0,3 ltr plastic cartridge
Consumption of adhesive Adhesive string of Ø5 mm: 50 running metres/litre
Flammable No
Flash point >150ºC
Storage durability At least 9 months in unopened package. To be stored dry and cool.
Means of application Hand- or compressed air gun
Cleaning Remove dry adhesive mechanically

Properties after application

Resistance to chemicals Good at contact with diluted acids, lye and solvents
Coating Yes, with dispersion paints. When using alkyd- or solvent based paints the drying can be disturbed and prolonged. We recommend a test painting.
Colour Off-white
Growth of strength Final strength is reached after 4-7 days, depending on construction, temperature and moisture in air
Heat-and-cold resistance -30ºC to +80ºC. Temporarily +90ºC.
Moisture resistance Very good on cured joint
Aging resistance Very good


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