• Recycled wood furniture are  100% hand-crafted and solid wood construction, made from historical recycled wood. It’s a style to be treasured and to respect for the unique origins, character and characteristics of natural woods.
  • Recycled wood furniture beauty and character. No two pieces are ever alike, each with its own unique appearance and character. Recycled wood offers characteristics not found in new wood. Much of the antique appeal associated with this type of furniture comes from the age of the wood. Other unique characteristics include, nail holes, worm holes, knots, variation in the wood grain, and other imperfections usually discarded in the manufacture of new wood furniture. With an exceptional aesthetic created by nature, every piece of furniture showcases a beautiful unmistakable wood grain and texture.
  • Recycled wood furniture history. The work with genuine recycled wood is a constant meeting with history. Every beam or plank bears the handwriting of a craftsman, his thought, feelings, mood, that could not be erased by the ravages of time. You can see how in the run of years the timber has matured in the sun, wind and rain, acquiring its unique appearance.
  • Recycled wood furniture enables you to transform your home or residential and commercial place into a stylish, rustic idyll with a warm and welcoming feel.
  • By using recycled wood furniture, we are reducing the need to cut down new wood – helping to reduce the effects that the industry has on the environment and protect our nature.


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