LOFT doors are a new trend in home design!

Why LOFT Doors?

  • We takes pride in offering 100% natural solid wood LOFT doors made from top notch historical and recycled woods!
  • LOFT doors are great for the decor of a home. From cozy bedrooms to rustic home offices and perfect room dividers, LOFT style doors are all the rage for homeowners.
  • LOFT doors come with both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, they are big space savers.  In a small space LOFT doors come in handy. A well installed LOFT door offers great space economy for whatever room you use it in. Of course, you need to have enough adjacent wall space for the LOFT door to slide over when it is opened. But this is often preferable to similarly space-saving pocket doors that require much more work to install or remove.

Custom-made solution:

We accept orders for custom doors, made for your needs.

Do you have any questions? Call: +370 685 01 088 or send a request.

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*General timelines for order to delivery is about 4-8 weeks!


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