Wood – a natural and healthy material, which can be seen and presented in different ways: used to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere or, what gets more and more common, utilized to match today’s demands of modern wood surfaces and materials.
Sanding is the action of removing small amounts of material from the surface of wood with an abrasive. It has become indispensable, being a much cleaner, prettier and more effective alternative to ordinary treatments with brushes in the wood processing industry.
The depth/roughness that is the result of sandblasting depends on the various natural properties of the wood: density, plain/quarter sawn, structure, etc. So there will always be variations in depth/roughness. In “softer” parts of the wood, the grooves will be deeper. In harder parts, where the rings are closer together, they will be shallower. The result is always an even and natural looking surface.

Sandblasting wood can be efficiently used for the following surfaces:

  • Furniture and furniture components;

  • Wooden doors;

  • Timber ceilings and structures;

  • Kitchen fronts, window frames;

  • Decorative elements.

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