This is very popular in the modern interior and exterior design trend of living and living spaces. 3-layer panels are use in manufacturing interior design products, desk plates, kitchens etc. and are an unique decoration material.


  • 3-layers panels are made from historical recycled wood. It keeps original old wood charm and at the same time meets all modern requirements. With appropriate brushing, we retain the authenticity and texture of genuine old wood.
  • The key benefits of the 3-layer panels include their ease of working and handling as well as their flexible surface treatment.
  • 3-layers panels provide a natural and environmentally-friendly building solution especially for interior fit-outs.
  • 3-layer panels are durable, dimensionally stable and ecological material.
  • Panels are glued from 3-layers, where the outer layer is made from the original old wood surface.
  • Layers are glued together with a special glue, which can be chosen according to requirements – interiors, facade or rooms with high temperatures (such as saunas).

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