Installation Instructions:

  • “mywoodwall™” are FSC certified real wood wall panels that you simply peel and press to transform your space into your style.
  • “mywoodwall™”panels attach to almost any surface and grip instantly, so you can create your feature wall, ceiling, or furniture in no time and with little to no mess.  

Layout ideas:

Special Considerations Tips:

  • Recently Painted Walls. If the wall has been recently painted, wait approximately 3 days before applying the “mywoodwall™” paneling to ensure that the surface is completely dry.
  • Designed for Interior Use. mywoodwall™” paneling is designed to be used for non-flooring, interior applications only. The Panels are not weather resistant nor structural. Installation must be indoors and the temperature must between (18*C – 30*C). Do not install directly next to intense heat sources.
  • Natural Wood Product. Before installing “mywoodwall™” paneling, allow the panels to acclimate at room temperature and humidity for minimum of 3 days. mywoodwall™ paneling is not recommended to be installed in locations where the humidity is exceedingly high or can become excessively wet. “mywoodwall™” paneling is a natural wood product, so cracks and splits can occur if the panels are not handled properly. Because this is a natural product, the presence of knots, bark, splits, etc, should be expected. If a particular feature is not desired, simply cut it out before installing the panel on the wall.
  • Non-Toxic Finishes. “mywoodwall™” paneling exceeds consumer safety regulations. We only use water base finishes to ensure “mywoodwall™” is safe – even in a nursery.
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